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Client Goals: Remodel the kitchen for a more open, modern style and with a flow better integrated with the rest of the house.

Our Solution: In order to open the floorplan, we moved an interior wall outward, installed a larger window over the sink, and removed a door to integrate a short hallway with the kitchen. Changing the dark wall colors to white and adding shiplap to the interior wall also broadened the space. Flush-mounted cabinet doors and facing the dishwasher door keep the kitchen’s lines and shadows clean and simple, and bring attention to the farmhouse sink, undulating tile and multi-piece crown.  


  • Custom cabinets
  • Flush-mounted cabinet doors
  • Hidden dishwasher cabinet door
  • Shiplap wall finish
  • Specialty pendant lighting fixtures
  • Interior-lit glass-fronted cabinets
  • Induction cooktop
  • Multi-piece crown molding

Project Cost: $80,000

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