Project Manager (Project Foreman, Lead Carpenter)


The project manager is directly responsible for on-site project management and is required to possess the highest level of carpentry, scheduling, project budget, jobsite safety, maintain regular client contact and ensuring that company policies and procedures are upheld. This is a working position on the job and qualified candidates must be proficient with most aspects of remodeling trades and use of tools. This position is also responsible for maintaining customer satisfaction throughout the project within the means of the construction contract.


Company Culture

GreatHouse Remodeling is a family friendly company. We believe it should be enjoyable to come to work. We take pride in providing our employees and contractors the opportunities to grow and prosper and provide our clients with quality work from honest and skilled craftsmen. Honesty and trustworthiness are at the core of our values. We seek to keep long-term relationships with employees, client, and vendors that are mutually beneficial which are based on respect and trust.



The Lead Carpenter’s starting time is generally between 7 and 8 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. with generally one hour for lunch. Breaks are generally taken as required but keep the project in a good rhythm. The work week is normally Monday through Friday but because of the responsibilities of running a construction project, these hours are somewhat variable. Pay is on a bi-weekly pay period with one week held back.


Position Responsibilities

  • Perform carpentry and remodeling skills at the highest level as required.
  • Supervise laborers, carpenters and subcontractors, including participating in performance reviews. Make work assignments, monitor quality, and motivate crew. Must command respect of work crew through high standards, honesty and respect.
  • Expedite timely completion of the work to maintain schedule and budget goals.
  • Ensure jobsite safety, protection and maintenance of company tools, and enforce all jobsite rules.
  • Maintain regular client contact for duration of projects and assist with requested updates
  • Train carpenters
  • Read and interpret paperwork, including all plans and specifications, purchase orders, subcontractor work orders, and cost updates. Bring questions, discrepancies and unusual conditions to the attention of the Production Manager and Sales Staff.
  • Provide necessary information to Sales Staff for change notices. You must understand change order procedure and ensure that all change orders are written up and signed prior to implementation.
  • Understand the scope of the work and discuss all requests for additional work with the Production Manager and Sales Staff.
  • Maintain the permit box with plans, construction documentation, engineering letters, etc.
  • Participate in pre-construction conference, jobsite inspections with the Production Manager and Sales Staff, local building department inspections, and final (end of job inspections).
  • Request help as required, anticipating the need for additional carpenters so they can be scheduled in a timely fashion.
  • You are responsible for reporting late subcontractors, discipline problems, problems with schedules and keeping the Production Manager informed of job status.
  • Order materials and coordinate subcontractors with Production Manager. Fill out bi-weekly plan for your jobsite and submit at weekly meetings. You must plan ahead for timely material delivery and subcontractor start dates. Use the vendor’s delivery services whenever possible.
  • Responsible for ensuring end of day procedures are handled. Clean up, weather protection and security. Must notify clients in advance of service interruption.
  • Time cards are to be filled out at the end of each work day. It is the Lead Carpenter’s responsibility to ensure all timesheets are taken to the office by Tuesday of the following week. No checks will be issued without timesheets.
  • Act as a customer liaison throughout the project. You will be the primary contact for the customer throughout the project. Speak knowledgeably and honestly with the customer. Provide solutions to their questions, soliciting help from the Production Manager and Sales Staff when necessary. Provide the customer with emergency telephone numbers.
  • Provide for job safety for clients, subcontractors and employees. Inspect all equipment for proper safety features and ensure unsafe conditions are corrected.
  • Maintain discipline of employees and subcontractors on job. You are responsible for maintaining correct dress and behavior standards on the job.
  • Responsible for all company tools on your job.
  • Attend and participate in weekly progress meetings.
  • Miscellaneous other duties as required.

Position Requirements

  • Must meet and exceed all Company requirements
  • Minimum six years carpentry experience
  • Good communication, job coordination and supervisory skills
  • Extensive rough and finish carpentry skills including cut-ins, and superior knowledge of construction methods and techniques
  • Must have a good working knowledge of related building trades with the ability to step in and perform many of these tasks
  • The ability to interact and communicate well with your crew, subcontractors, and the client
  • Teaching skills
  • Must be available for extended work as required
  • Reliable work vehicle
  • Ability to perform physically demanding work on a consistent basis
  • Georgia driver’s license and good driving record
  • Pass a background check
  • No smoking on jobs or during company time

Minimum Tools Required

Basic Hand Tools such as hammer, tape measure, speed square, nail apron, etc. Circular saw, Sanders Hand Rip Saw, Stapler Drill, Miter Saw, Compressor, Ext Cords, Air Hoses, Portable Table Saw, 2′ and 4′ Level Framing Sq., Router Saber Saw, Sawhorses, Recip. Saw, Power Plane, Step Ladder, Nail Guns 

* Please do not apply if you do not live within a 30-minute drive of East Cobb, GA. At GreatHouse Remodeling, we know how important it is to be home with your family and eventually, the distance will become an issue. If you apply and do not meet the distance requirements, we will assume that you did not read the job description fully and your application will be discarded. Thank you for understanding!

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