We are thrilled to announce that
GreatHouse Remodeling now has a permanent home
at 1175 Mt. Bethel Drive in Marietta!

After five years on a lease (for a warehouse as well as three bays for the office and storage), Tim took the opportunity to purchase the building in order to help fulfill multiple business goals, which include:

More Office Space to facilitate additional hires for interior design, marketing and design, project leads, and carpenters, and meeting and planning space for the entire GreatHouse crew[.

Dedicated Selections Showroom to give clients a comfortable space to review their projects and make choices on cabinetry, flooring, fixtures, and hardware.

Business Presentation Space for industry meetings as well as seasonal events and an annual open house.

Partnership Leases for the empty bays, to generate mutually-beneficial referrals and business leads.

Walk-in Ice Cream Cooler because Tim is all about bigger and better. Don’t forget – anyone and everyone are invited to stop in anytime for an ice cream!