A Floorplan Reimagined

East Cobb

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What began as a kitchen remodel turned into a broader proposal to address other issues including a sagging floor, unused second staircase, and a tiny half bath juxtaposed with an enormous storage room with weak functionality. Ultimately, a beam installation opened up the kitchen space by 30%. Moving the bathroom allowed it to both increase in size and improve traffic patterns. Removing the staircase not only helped the layout of the storage area and laundry room, it also added to the size of the bedroom upstairs. PROJECT COST: $118,000

Kitchen Remodel & Wall Removal 
  • Installing a 22′ steel beam replaced short interior walls, widened doorways, and allowed for more kitchen layout options
  • Moving a half-bathroom to an exterior wall lengthened the kitchen to to a total of 409 s.f.
  • Existing peninsula countertop gave way to an island for additional seating and better workflow
Storage & Workspace 
  • Built-in cabinets included hidden coffee bar and cozy homework/home office space
Entryway Storage & Laundry Room
  • Laundry space that was previously located adjacent to the door to the garage now moved to it’s own brightly-lit area along the exterior wall, where it could get natural light, a task sink, and be out of the way of the flow from garage to kitchen
  • Shelves for shoes and a door to the kitchen hallway provide functionality and a transitional point