East Cobb

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What began with a kitchen – to reconfigure the layout and move the laundry to a different space – broadened to include widening halls and doorways, removing two walls, and redesigning the front staircase. Combined, they create a more welcoming and generous presentation of space and hospitality as soon as you come in through the front door. PROJECT COST: $140,000

Stairway & Halls
  • Widening doorways and hall from foyer creates a light, airy, fresh welcome space
  • Opening the doorway and stairway wall to the dining room adds line of sight to kitchen
  • Rebuilt stairway becomes an entryway feature
Kitchen Renovation
  • Peninsula counter removed and replaced with an island running in parallel, seating four plus storage and cooktop
  • What was previously a laundry closet became a pantry
  • Kitchen features included vertical spice drawers, pull-out garbage recepticles, and adjustable organizers for the dish drawer
  • Removing the wall between dining room and kitchen improved sight lines, lighting, inclusion, and traffic flow
Laundry Room
  • In order to move the laundry location out of the kitchen, we renovated a small side porch 
  • Raised appliances aid in loading/unloading
  • Counter with sink 
  • Custom built storage cabinets