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We are a full-service design-build remodeling company serving East Cobb (Marietta), Roswell, and Sandy Springs

Our Core Values

Our Process

Setting expectations is an important part of making sure you have a GreatExperience, that’s why our team carefully plans every step of your project and stays in communication with you so you always know what we are doing and what’s coming next.

1-2 weeks
1-2 weeks


  • Define scope: your wants and needs
  • Align on timing
  • Provide ballpark budget

1-3 months
1-3 months


  • Develop comprehensive design
  • Discuss selections
  • Provide preliminary estimate

1-2 months
1-2 months

Project Prep

  • Finalize selections
  • Provide final contract value
  • Review contract
  • Conduct kick-off meeting on site with field team

2-6 months
2-6 months


  • Start the big transformation – we handle it all!
  • Daily updates from our team
  • Ongoing feedback collection

1-4 weeks
1-4 weeks

Wrap Up

  • Provide warranty and project materials manifest
  • Schedule professional photography

Customer Benefits

Simplify Communication Through your own JobTread Customer Portal

We use JobTread so our customers can have one place to access and manage all of the information related to the project. With real-time updates, clear financial insights, and centralized communication, JobTread is designed to simplify the way projects are managed from start to finish.

All Communication in One Place

Easily monitor the project as new updates happen, without needing to be on-site and keep everyone on the same page while eliminating the need for multiple communication channels.

View Job Documents

Quickly access all documents, photos, and other project-related information in one location. This can include estimates, change orders, and invoices.

Digitally Approve Work

Review and sign proposals, view invoices, and make payments for the work performed.

Meet our team

Tim Piendel, GreatHouse Principal
Tim brings 30 years’ experience in remodeling, engineering, and architecture, backed by education. He has a Master’s in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech, a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architectural Contracting, and an Associate’s degree in Natural Resources. Tim provides a wealth of knowledge that makes GreatHouse succeed in completing difficult projects.

Tim loves spending time with his wife and kids, keeping a regular exercise schedule so he can participate with them in sports. To balance that, he eats a lot of ice cream. That means we have an ice cream freezer in the office!
Jennifer Piendel, Greahouse Bookkeeping and Administration
Office Manager / Bookkeeper
Jennifer’s corporate experience and her business degree enable her stay highly organized and keep everything running consistently.. She keeps the office running and her bookkeeping skills help us track our project progress with a high degree of accuracy.

When Jennifer’s not at the office, look for her on the tennis court, hiking, or spending time with family and friends. Always active, she has a knack for running, planning, and organizing community and family events.
Rod Carter, GreaHouse Field Superintendent
Production Manager
Rod has been with GreatHouse for 14 years, but his experience runs deep: 5 years of framing houses, 7 years doing custom millwork, 4 years building townhouses, spec houses, and property development, 2 years of high-end remodeling, and 12 years running his own remodeling company. (If you do the math, it looks like Rod began remodeling when he was 10, but he was very mature for his age.)
Matt Miller, GreatHouse Project Manager
Project Lead
Matt brings a wealth of varied experience in construction, a phenomenal work ethic, and the skills of a true craftsman. Matt previously worked on commercial high rises. Just imagine him sitting in a small bosun’s chair, dozens of stories up, installing windows and trim. He and his family stay active, racing motocross, camping, and creating memories.
Project Lead
Dan has been in some form of construction since the age of 16. He has a degree in building construction, and has specialized in finish carpentry since 2014. He is married with one girl, two dogs, and two cats. He enjoys travel and outdoor activities.
Project Lead
Zack has always enjoyed working with his hands. He has a background in art and design, and in his free time he spends many hours drawing and painting with his son. Over the course of the last 20 years he has worked as a carpenter for variety of companies, in both New York State and Wisconsin. He enjoys the variety of tasks and problem-solving involved in home remodeling and has a background in historic restoration. Zachary relocated to Cobb County in 2023. His wife Amanda is a professor at Kennesaw State University. He and his family have a retired racing greyhound named Scali who has an uncanny resemblance to a pair of needle nose pliers.
Procurement Manager
Jason is a generalist, with skills and experience in framing, design thinking, writing, art, organization, and communications. He has worked in graphic design and illustration for over 30 years, including 10 years teaching fulltime. He was an at-home dad with his children for five years, which led directly to both his teaching and art careers. His wife is a chef and educator, his kids are now in college (and beyond), and on most weekends, you can find him out in the woods or selling his art at galleries and festivals. He has a BA from SUNY Buffalo in Environmental Design, and an MFA from RIT in Graphic Design.
Justin brings a unique set of skills to the GreatHouse team. He has over 15 years of experience in the construction and remodeling industry, served more than 7 years as an Accountant and holds a BBA in Accounting from Georgia State University. For GreatHouse, he takes care of the job estimating and change orders. Given his remodeling knowledge, he also has no problem working in the field when called upon. With his lovely wife, 4 children and a pet bunny, Justin stays busy and loves every minute of life. He enjoys time with his family whether its hiking, riding bikes or even walking the bunny.
Business Operations Manager
Abbey comes to GreatHouse with nearly 10 years of experience in strategy consulting, small business growth, and design build remodeling. Abbey received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from William & Mary and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Abbey grew up in a remodeling family and has been in and around the business her whole life. In her free time, Abbey and her husband can be found in a tent on a mountain pass somewhere extremely remote (so really, maybe she can’t be “found” there).
Interior Designer
Mandy brings years of extensive client experience as her own businesswoman with a degree in Interior Design. She works closely with our clients – developing and adjusting drawings and plans, curating their design style, guiding selections, and clarifying details or questions. (And she loves mid-century modern style, in case you want some cool funky geometry in your design.)

Mandy spends time with her two boys, and gets to the beach every chance she can (she grew up in Savannah). She’s started bodybuilding this year, and keeps showing off her guns around the office. She also paints, sings karaoke, binges Netflix, listens to music, goes to concerts, and watches sunsets. When those things aren’t happening (or work), she’s big on sleeping.
Interior Designer
Aimee Leonard’s love for the arts & interior design has led to a 25 year career in the interior design field and multiple awards. The joy of design for Aimee comes from developing a relationship with the homeowner, understanding their wants and needs, and then exceeding their expectations. Aimee’s personal design philosophy is that every home can be exactly what a homeowner needs it to be and every home should express the homeowners personality. When Aimee is not designing she is spending time with her husband, 2 kids and dogs. Aimee loves to run and feels grounded when out in nature. After all, mother nature is the ultimate designer.
Chino Santiago, GreatHouse carpenter
We’re lucky to have Chino as our most experienced carpenter. He has extensive experience in carpentry and in multiple trades. A dedicated worker, he’s a pleasure to be around and a great help on the job site. With four boys, Chino has his hands full. He likes video games and has a knack for fixing almost anything (see that having four boys thing).
Miguel has 5 years of experience framing newly-constructed homes, which have given him the power to see through the walls down to the framing of most structures. He loves being outdoors, fishing and spending time with his wife and two beautiful girls.
Jr. Carpenter
Justin has a degree in creative technology and a minor in business. In addition to his tech skills, he has a knack for basic carpentry. Beyond work, he enjoys the outdoors and recently celebrated his engagement.

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