Our Process

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How We Work

The GreatHouse approach to remodeling is different

than what you may have experienced before.

Our design+build model means that we take a project seamlessly

from start to finish, with consistent, daily communications.

1. From the First Call, We Do it All

Whether you get in touch by phone or email, you’ll be reaching a real human. We’ll set up an appointment, and owner Tim Piendel will meet with you in your home. In this first meeting, Tim will tell you more about GreatHouse, ask questions, talk about your budget, take photos and some rough measurements. He’ll talk about options that will achieve your goals.

Back at the office, Tim will confer with the team, looking at your wants, needs, and the expected scope of your project. We’ll put together a ballpark estimate. 

2. Are We Playing in the Same Ballpark?

Tim will send you the ballpark price estimate, explaining why and how we’ve gotten there. We take staying within your budget seriously. From this rough estimate, there will be features or amenities that could be cut or added to change that price. 

If we’re in the same ballpark when it comes to budget, you’ll give us the go-ahead to enter the pre-construction phase. We’ll sign the contract, and you’ll secure our services in creating a detailed plan with a non-refundable deposit of 3-4% of the project (depending on the scope of your remodel). This deposit will be credited against the construction of the project. Then things kick into a high gear!

3. What Does Pre-Construction Mean?

We do a pre-construction assessment of your home. Not every remodeler works this way. It’s a proactive step — we take the time to do the job right with crews that are licensed, bonded, honest, and have undergone the proper vetting.

We will fully examine the existing structural, electrical, and mechanical elements of your home, and give you a firm detailed proposal with fixed costs and total clarity and transparency. This examination lets us avoid starting the project only to find out, for example, that a structural or wiring problem exists.

While we’re working on this, you’ll be busy too. Our designers will help you select finishes, like flooring, counters, backsplashes, cabinets, built-in furniture, lighting fixtures. You’ll be making a lot of choices during this step.

4. We Propose

When we deliver the proposal, you’ll get a highly detailed buildable plan, accompanied by architectural drawings, 3D renderings, and other documentation.

This price will not change — it’s firm and final. It won’t vary throughout construction unless you make a change.

5. We Start Remodeling

You’ll meet with the GreatHouse team, we’ll go over the schedule, and things like how to handle a security system, or what time the kids get home from school. We respect that our work zone is your home, and we want to keep the disruption as minimal as possible.

If you’re doing a remodel where your kitchen is involved, we’ll set up a temporary kitchen for your use if you’d like. It’s an extra step we know is appreciated.

6. Communication Throughout

We take communication seriously! You’ll get updates from Marcie, our project coordinator, daily. We use BaseCamp, a versatile smartphone/computer app, to organize all communications – your project will have its own channel. We don’t shrink from problems or avoid talking to our clients. We’re here for you.

7. We’re Done

When we’re done, you get to move in to your remodeled space or new addition. You’ll see the end result — the beauty of the design, the high quality of our craftsmanship, and know that it was built to last.

And then it’s time for the Great Living to start!

Let’s Talk About Your Remodeling Project!