Custom Carpentry

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Some aspects of your project may not fit standard products – either in size, material, or finish. Our master carpenters regularly customize components or build from scratch to accommodate the needs and specs of your renovation. Our most popular requests are for barn doors, cabinetry, and multi-piece trim.

Barn Doors
  • Great for saving space from door swing area
  • Similar to a pocket door but with more visual character
  • Support tracks range from rustic (for a farmhouse aesthetic) or clean and chrome (for a more modern feel)
  • Can be built for a wide variety of doorway sizes, and double barn doors can accommodate even wider spaces
  • More ease of use for handicapped or wheelchair access
Custom Cabinetry
  • Adjusting existing standard cabinets, or building from scratch
  • Custom-fit to specific room areas
  • Specialty closet storage
  • Specialized kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities
Custom Trim
  • Multi-piece crown helps reflect light, brings decorative detail to the clean wall/ceiling transition, adds dimensionality, and adds aesthetic value to the room
  • Has an enormous range of options for style, size, and detailing
  • Interior and exterior

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