The GreatHouse Master Bathroom Remodeling Guide

Master bathroom remodeling projects are at the top of a lot of people’s wish lists. Many folks tackle a master bath renovation and a master bedroom remodel at the same time, adding walk-in closets or dressing or sitting rooms, creating one peaceful, private retreat.

One Sink or Two?

There’s a school of thought that separate sinks can save marriages. Whether that’s true or not, having two sinks makes it much easier for a busy couple to get ready in the morning and to wind down at night. Depending on the square footage, a pair of sinks could share a long vanity, or sit on their own pedestals or vanities. Even if you’re a singleton who wants a master bath remodel, consider two sinks for the resale value — don’t discourage potential buyers.

Ideally, the floor plan should have enough space to pass behind someone brushing their teeth or drying their hair without bumping into them. Lighting is also an important consideration — especially for makeup in the morning. Avoid harsh fluorescents that can cast hard shadows, and make sure the space is evenly lit.

Showers and Tubs

For most adults, when we need to get clean, we head for the shower. In a master bath remodel, the free-standing shower area get larger, and is often partially or fully enclosed in glass, with niches to hold shampoos and soaps. A wall or ceiling mounted shower head (or more) is usually augmented by a hand-held head that can be mounted high enough to be its own shower head. The hand-hand version channels more water for a more luxurious shower, and is also a real help when cleaning.

But the tub shouldn’t be overlooked if you like a nice, relaxing soak. We’re seeing more people get rid of the built-in jetted tubs that were so popular in decades past. Instead, a deep freestanding soaking tub adds that five-star resort feeling to your home.

The Spa Extras

There are a few things that you might not think of in your master bathroom remodel, but they’re things you’ll appreciate every day:

  • Heated floors
  • Quiet exhaust fans
  • Towel warmers

The heated floors let you avoid getting all warm and comfy in the shower, then losing that glow the minute you set your toes on the cold tile floor in the winter. Heated towel bars are a little luxury that also dries your towels after you use them, so it’s practical too! And exhaust fans will vent steam and … whatever else you need vented, without rattling and humming and disturbing your Zen.

Linen and Walk-In Closets

Having a built-in linen closet in your new master bath makes life a lot more convenient. Having a walk-in closet makes life a lot more civilized and organized.

If you’re looking for ideas or help in deciding how to remodel your master bathroom, we can help — give us a call!