Bath Remodeling with GreatHouse

GreatHouse Remodeling is a design-build firm specializing in bathroom remodels in East Cobb, Roswell, and Sandy Springs for over 20 years.

We begin and end most of our days in the bathroom. That’s why our team goes the extra mile during bathroom designs to ensure that your bathroom is both an oasis and an efficient workspace. 

When we begin designing a new bathroom, the first thing we do is think about function. Understanding a homeowner’s needs (or the needs of their family members) allows us to better design a space that works for your family. Maybe you desperately need to stop tripping over the laundry bin: we design a laundry hamper station into your vanity cabinets. Maybe your daughter is getting very into hair care: a custom cabinet insert to hold hot styling tools will be a game changer. Maybe you love taking baths, but your current tub doesn’t feel very luxurious: a custom soaking tub with a decorative chandelier and a wine dispenser (yes, we built one of those) sounds like just what you need. Maybe you’re designing your forever home, and a curbless shower will allow you to age in place with ease. The biggest mistake homeowners make when undergoing a new bathroom remodel is underestimating the amount of customization that can be brought in to even the most straightforward of bathrooms.

Once we’ve determined the proper flow of the space, we move on to finishes. There are so many elements that pull a bathroom together, and near the top of that list is the often-overlooked lighting. If you’ve ever tried to get ready in a bath with poor lighting, you know how critical this piece of the puzzle is.  We always try to incorporate a mix of task lighting (think recessed can lights) and decorative lighting (think decorative wall sconces by the vanity).  Technology has come a long way when discussing task lights. Recessed cans can house our vent fans & Bluetooth speakers.  The new can lights can also change colors.  We can change our color temperatures (or lumens) as well as color.  You want a calming mood for your evening soak? Let your can lights set the mode.

Equally important in a bathroom is your tile. There are so many opportunities to play with tile selections, from the shower floor, wall, and niches to the bathroom floor, vanity backsplash, and accent walls. Our design team will hand pick tiles that fit your style and combine to create a cohesive space.

One thing we love to do in every bathroom is to include an element that sets each one apart. Whether it’s adding in a vaulted ceiling with skylights, upgrading to heated floors and heated towel bars, or going all out with a custom mural or tile work on an accent wall, we want every bathroom we design and build to not just look different but actually feel different by the time we are done. That’s what we call Great Living. Click here to view our complete portfolio of recent projects and reach out if you’re ready to start transforming the heart of your home.