Kitchen Remodeling with GreatHouse

GreatHouse Remodeling is a design-build firm specializing in kitchen remodels in East Cobb, Roswell, and Sandy Springs for over 20 years.

When it comes to kitchen design, a good design is timeless. Period. 

As consumers in today’s overstimulated, overly connected world, we are inundated with new trends, new technology, and the latest online influences. We are updated daily on color trends, newest gadgets and latest “needs”. All these influences play a role in designing a space for a homeowner, but what ultimately makes for a timeless kitchen and happy customer is the personalization of a space to fit your needs and bring you joy.  

We rely heavily on an empathetic design approach and love to learn about you to help develop your style.  We’ve had years of experience getting to know homeowners and recognizing attributes that help us develop an aesthetic that reflects the individual and family.   

When we think about trends, we like to focus instead on innovations that change the functionality of a space. In the kitchen, innovations are abundant, from the electronics drawer and instant hot water taps to voice activated appliances and organizational inserts for any need. Even appliances are cutting loose. We are no longer pigeonholed by stainless or integrated cabinet panel fronts. We now have matte black, matte white, and graphite options readily available.

When it comes to color palettes, our first goal is to design a space that reflects your family and your home. However, part of our job as a design-build firm is to design something you can’t create on your own, which is where our team’s experienced designers come in. We are beginning to throw all previous kitchen design rules out the window – we are mixing finishes, playing more with asymmetrical designs (while still maintaining balance) and mixing colors within a space. We absolutely love the natural woods and earth tones that have been making a strong comeback in recent years. We are also seeing a push back to the natural with countertops, with quartzite being the most common upgrade over the manmade quartz that has become commonplace in the last few years.

Of course, every home and every homeowner is different, and it’s our job to design a kitchen that will grow with your style, taste, and family’s needs for years to come. That’s what we call Great Living. Click here to view our complete portfolio of recent projects and reach out if you’re ready to start transforming the heart of your home.